Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Think With Your Taste Buds Chicken Pasta

This dish idea came to me while trying to cook everything in my kitchen that wasn't gluten free.  I had 1/2 box of the bow tie pasta in my pantry that I thought I would put together with some leftover chicken that I had cooked the night before.  But what do I add to it to make it a little different yet special?  I decided to 'clean out my refrigerator' in search of ingredients that would work.  Here is what I combined.

Bow Tie pasta, cooked of course
Chicken, cut into chunks
Sliced Black Olives
Chopped Green Onion
Chopped Dill Pickle
Chopped Celery
Almond Slivers
Sliced Green Olives
Cucumber Ranch Dressing

There are no measurements for this dish.  Just add all the ingredients together and taste.  The Cucumber Ranch Dressing was a perfect touch but don't add too much due to its flavor.  And the addition of the mayonnaise was just enough to help everything mix together.  This is one dish that I made using my motto "Think With Your Taste Buds."

No I didn't eat this dish.  I did taste just a 'little' as I was making for taste blends but my lucky food testers all raved about how good this was.  They all agreed that you could taste each of the ingredients as well as a blend of the ingredients taste.